Original Santa Barbara Art

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Original Santa Barbara Art

Click the link above (Orig SB Art) and see some of my work. I will be adding  three new pieces soon.

Version Galore Flip Side

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Version Galore Flip Side

Thanks Jason, for keep me busy.


Version Galore II

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Version Galore II

Walkin’ into the scene a man dressed in green.

She Changed Me

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One Angry Man

Hold me back!

Mad House Santa Barbara

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Mad House Santa Barbara

A page letting you get up close and personal with my art. You can see the evolution from early ideas to the finished work.

Santa Barbara Art Underground

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Hey Locs, Go to Muddy Waters and check out the Day of the Dead Art. You can see a good collection of my art and many other great artist. Thanks Bill for the hook up!

Dia de los Muertos

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I have been asked a lot lately about my art and Dia de los Muertos. So for those people that may question my art or the origin of my subject matter I will make it brief and attach a link for those who truly show interest in art that I paint year round. The way I discovered this art form was from doing a study on José Guadalupe Posadas print making. As an artist I found the subject matter that grabbed my attention immediately. First I started painting skeletons for shock value and a lack of ability to paint portraits but through the years I have come to over stand and strive to perfect this unique style.



Can you see me?

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Annual Art Show at Muddy Waters

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Living in Santa Barbara, California some times takes me a few days to post even current happenings. Lazy…maybe. Two kids, are mind erasing for sure..  Just finished hanging nine pieces of art at Muddy Waters (possible one more 4′ x 4′) . All the locs know this little gem on Haley Street. So if you are visiting Santa Barbara, especially you people from Germany looking for a good collection of Day of the Dead Art (Dia de los Muertos style). Why did I say the last sentence? I hear Germany has a huge following of this style and that not surprising because it is some thing I have invested 16 years of my life to.. Just wanted to say a big thanks to Bill for hooking it up for me. A Big Thanks! to Alaska and parts of the US for checking me out. I am happy that you take the time to view my art. Any comments please! 


Welcome Back to Creepsville

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Well here we are getting closer to Halloween. I have FINALLY added a new body of work to my website. milesandrewdarstiii.com There is additional painting that should be added to my website in about a week. The illustration above is a off shoot of a painting that I have tweaked to a design I like better. I hope you enjoy.